Your Options for Changing Your Last Name After Getting Married

Are you considering changing your last name after getting married? Do you even need to do so legally? What options do you have for your new last name?

Changing Your Last Name After Getting Married – Do I Need to Do It?

Once you are married in New Zealand, there are a few options you can choose from regarding your surname. They are:

  • Keep your surname
  • Change your surname to that of your husband, wife or partner
  • Hyphenate your surname with that of your spouse
  • Create a new last name
  • Take your spouse’s surname legally, but keep your surname professionally
  • Combine your last names
  • Add your maiden name as a middle name

In New Zealand, there is no legal requirement to change your surname upon marriage. You can start using your married name without filling in any forms. Your marriage certificate is usually enough proof for organisations to update to your new surname. However, you can choose to legally change your name should you wish.

How Do I Change My Name Once Married?

Depending on how busy you are and the number of accounts or places you are registered with, changing your last name after getting married can take ages!  We’ve written an article How to Change Your Last Name Once You’re Married, which is well worth a read too.

Here are some additional tips to help you with your name changes:

  • If you are heading overseas on your honeymoon, make sure that your passport has the same name as your tickets
  • You will need to change your name officially by statutory declaration (aka deed poll) if you are adding your maiden name as a middle name or creating a new surname
  • It’s handy to get a copy of your marriage certificate ready in case it is asked for. You can make copies and have a JP certify them.

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