Best Man Duties

Congratulations! You’ve been asked to be the best man at a wedding. Whether you’re the grooms best friend, brother, or a close friend, someone has decided you’re the best person for the task. So let’s make sure you get the job done smoothly.

This post will delve into the essential duties of a best man. Including what sets him apart from the groomsmen and explores his crucial responsibilities leading up to and on the wedding day.

Best Man Duties Before the Wedding Day

The bachelor party

One of the best man’s most notable duties is organizing the groom’s bachelor party. It is important to consider the groom’s interests and preferences while creating a memorable event. This event aims to celebrate the groom’s final days as a single man and offer him a chance to spend quality time with his closest friends and family before embarking on his married life.

Assisting with wedding preparations

Assisting the groom with wedding preparations is a key role of a best man. While many people will have heard the bridezilla stories, the groom is often responsible for keeping a cool head during all the decision-making.

Coordinating with vendors, choosing a tuxedo, and arranging transportation to the wedding, are all roles usually assigned to the groom.

The best man is responsible for offering the groom his valued opinion and emotional support while he navigates these tasks. From color themes to cake designs and meddling parents. The groom may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and need to offload. The best man needs to keep a cool head while acting as a sounding board for the groom.

Attending suit fittings

The groom’s attire helps to set the overall bridal party appearance and complements the wedding’s style and theme. As the best man, you should offer your opinion and guidance regarding the style and taste of the chosen suit when required.

You can assist the groom by ensuring the rest of the groomsmen are present at each suit fitting. Being the go-between to arrange a time that suits everyone involved will ensure less stress on the groom. One of your most important tasks. If the groomsmen are not all local, arrange to have the correct measurements of the other men available so their suits can be ordered for the special day.

The best man should be prepared to handle any wardrobe emergencies. Such things as a missing button or last-minute stains will need your expertise. A small emergency kit with a sewing kit, stain remover, and safety pins is a good idea.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner allows the wedding party, close family members, and sometimes out-of-town guests to gather and relax over a semi-formal meal. An event that allows guests to get to know one another before the big day. For some, this may be the first meeting, and it can be a good ice-breaker event.

The best man should be present at the wedding rehearsal. It’s common for the best man to deliver a short toast or speech at the rehearsal dinner. Expressing his gratitude for being included in the wedding party and sharing well-wishes for the couple. This speech is generally more informal and lighthearted than at the wedding reception.

Looking after the groom the night before

It’s the best man’s job to ensure the groom doesn’t consume too much (if any) alcohol the night before the wedding. As the other groomsmen are trying to lacker him up with shots, it’s your role to be the responsible adult. This may be easier said than done sometimes, so ensuring the groom goes nowhere near the pub may be your best option.

best man with hand on grooms shoulder and laughing with him while holding a drink

Best Man Duties on the Wedding Day

Helping the groom get ready

The best man should arrive early on the wedding morning to help the groom with his pre-wedding tasks. This is when the groom will require your moral support to ease nerves and provide reassurance. Having a pre-rehearsed pep talk up your sleeve is a good idea.

Start off the day by ensuring the groom has a hearty breakfast to keep his energy levels up for the day ahead. Offer moral support and be ready for any surprises or emergencies.

As the ceremony time approaches, it’s your job to help the groom get dressed. This includes his tie or bow tie, cufflinks, and other accessories. Keep an eye on the clock, making sure the groom and the rest of the groomsmen are ready to leave for the ceremony on time.

Greeting wedding guests

You may be called upon to greet guests as they arrive at the wedding ceremony. The groom and his parents usually fill this role. However, if they are pulled away to perform other duties, you may be left to do the meet and greets. Be sure to introduce yourself to arriving guests and welcome them, giving instructions on where to sit and even escorting older guests to a seat if required.

Handling the wedding rings

The best man is responsible for safeguarding the wedding rings until the exchange of vows. As the best man, you must ensure the rings are stored safely. This task can be made all the more stressful if a ring bearer is involved. You may be responsible for ensuring the ring bearer doesn’t lose the rings. If the ring bearer is a child or animal, introduce yourself to them before the wedding starts. This may make your job a little easier during the wedding ceremony.

You may also be responsible for safeguarding the bride’s engagement ring. This is usually removed before the ceremony as the wedding band sits on the finger first, and the engagement band returns to the finger afterward.

Witness and signatory

Along with the maid of honor, the best man is an official witness of the marriage. He is often required to sign the marriage license or certificate with the head bridesmaid, bride, and groom.

Best man’s speech

The best man speech is a highly anticipated moment during a wedding reception. The speech typically includes a mix of humor (generally aimed at embarrassing the groom), heartfelt stories, and well-wishes for the couple’s future. This is an opportunity to share memories, congratulate the happy couple, and express his happiness for their union. See our list of great best-man speech quotes!

When crafting your speech, be sure to introduce yourself. Explain your relationship with the groom briefly and thank the guests for attending. Be sure to include some kind words about the bride. Mention her positive qualities and her impact on the groom. Share stories highlighting your bond with the groom and, if possible, the couple’s relationship. Include words of wisdom or well wishes for the couple’s future together. Conclude the speech by inviting the guests to raise their glasses and toast to the bride and groom’s happiness, love, and lifelong partnership.

Remember to ensure your speech is tasteful and not likely to offend anyone. You should run your speech past the groom before the wedding.

Getting guests on the dance floor

One of the best man’s duties is getting everyone up on the dance floor and having a good time. After the happy couple’s first dance, you should get up on the dance floor. Ask the maid of honor for a dance as the first dance ends. Then dance with many guests as you can. This gets numerous people dancing and having fun.

After the wedding

The best man is responsible for returning all the groomsmen’s suits if required. Ensure you return the suits to the supplier on time to avoid extra charges.

You may also be required to return any bridal vehicles that may have been rented for the ceremony. Again, ensure you know when the vehicle is required back to guarantee no extra changes.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, the best man ensures the groom’s wedding day runs smoothly. Starting the day with a hearty breakfast, providing moral support, assisting with attire, and safeguarding the wedding rings, you ensure the day remains stress-free. While the best man is not required to greet all guests personally, his presence helps create a warm atmosphere and contributes to the event’s success.

Now you know; the label of best man is not just a title. It’s an honor and a responsibility that showcases the trust between the groom and his chosen person. Fulfilling these duties with care and enthusiasm helps create lasting memories for the couple.

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