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How to Be an Amazing Wedding MC: Beginners Guide to MC Duties

A successful wedding MC has everything under control. They know who’s doing what and when, where they’re supposed to be, and the order of events.

You’ve been given the honor of being a Master of Ceremonies. Congratulations! It’s one of the most important roles you can play at a person’s wedding.

Sure, you’ve probably got different emotions about this. You may be thrilled that you can help make the happy couple’s big day flow smoothly… while terrified that you’ll mess everything up. One thing for certain is – if you do not feel comfortable being their wedding MC, or with public speaking say so now! Give the engaged couple the opportunity to ask someone else to be their Emcee if it’s not for you.

But, If you’re keen to perform this important role, then our Beginners Guide to MC Duties is for you! It’s a role that’s lots of fun and you will have a great time doing it.

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What does a wedding MC do?

The wedding emcee is like the host of the wedding. He or she is not getting married, nor have they organized or paid for the event. Instead, they are given the job of keeping the day run on time and making sure that everyone is having a good time.

It is up to the couple to tell you exactly what they’d like you to do for them so don’t worry if you don’t feel like you’re a professional wedding mc! For this reason, it is important that you meet with them well before their wedding day. Ask for a run sheet of jobs they would like you to do. Ask for some stories you can share about them with their guests in a witty forward. Having a good sense of humor is always welcome in the role of an MC, so adding in a funny joke or two will go down well. Also, ask if there are any topics that are off-limits. The last thing you want is to mention something inappropriate in the wedding toast!

The happy couple should also explain how they want their day to run and the tone they’d like their wedding to have. It is a good idea to visit the wedding venue, attend the wedding rehearsal the day prior, and introduce yourself to the wedding vendors who will be there on the day too.

Beginners Guide to MC Duties

Exactly what sort of MC jobs can the bride or groom ask you to do? An mc’s job is to take the guests on a journey through the wedding, letting them know the flow of events as they are happening. If you’ve had plenty of public speaking experience, especially in front of a large crowd then this will come in handy! The role of MC includes –

  • Help gather guests for photos
  • Help guests find their seats, including if there are any important guests that have reserved seating.
  • Announce the arrival of the wedding party and the grand entrance of the wedding couple at the wedding reception
  • Announce the first dance of the married couple
  • Introduce speakers at the reception venue
  • Explain to guests how meal service will occur
  • Let guests know when it is time for the main meal
  • Introduce the wedding cake cutting and throwing of the bouquet
  • Encourage wedding guests to sign the guestbook and use the photo booth (if these activities are available.)
  • Invite the guests to join the new couple on the dance floor
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Tips on being a good wedding MC

When it comes to the role of a wedding mc, there are a few things you should consider.


Obviously, your behavior will be noticed by everyone, so limiting alcohol consumption while you are ‘on duty’ is vital. Planning is key, which is why we suggest meeting with the engaged couple before the wedding.

You will also have the chance to ask questions about whether there will be a microphone for you to use or how long you need to talk for. If you are asked to do a speech, you can prepare it in advance.

If you’re not giving a speech, you will still be able to practice the necessary announcements you are expected to perform. When announcing certain guests, make sure you have the correct pronunciation of any names.

Arrive early

Arriving early at the venue or visiting beforehand lets you see where things are and can assist guests when they arrive. This is also a great opportunity to introduce yourself to key people such as the wedding DJ, bartender, housekeeping, mother, and father of the bride and groom. Even all the members of the bridal party, maid of honor, and best man if you don’t know them already.

Being asked to be an MC is an honor. While it can be nerve-wracking to know two people have asked you to make their wedding special, you will be fine. After all, they wouldn’t have asked you if they didn’t trust you to do an awesome job!

Check out our post ‘5 tips to be a fabulous MC’ for more tips too!

If you’re the happy couple looking how to choose an MC…

Here are 5 tips on how to choose a wedding master of ceremonies for your wedding

As you have seen or know already, it is a varied job and not suitable for everyone. But choosing the right one ensures your day will run beautifully! Here are our top five tips on how to choose an MC.

  1. Look for Confidence. You need a person who is confident speaking to large crowds using a microphone. The trick is to choose an MC who has a strong presence but will not outshine the bride and groom.
  2. Someone you both like and respect. You’re both trusting this person with parts of your wedding day, so you need to like them as a person. As a go-between with suppliers, guests, and even staff. They need to be able to follow your directions to the letter. Trusting that they will do this is key for you to have a relaxing and stress-free special day. This can be a family member or close friend, or anyone you feel would give your day the right vibe.
  3. Humorous. – Having a great sense of humor is important in a master of ceremonies. They need to be able to make guests feel comfortable, break the ice, and be someone people enjoy listening to. Be sure to let them know your boundaries when it comes to making jokes in a wedding speech. Especially crude ones!
  4. Be organized. If they can make a list and stick to it and have good time management then there’s a good chance they’ll be fine. An organized MC will keep your wedding day on track. They will ensure things happen just the way you wanted in a timely manner.
  5. Be a great communicator. Being able to chat with you both and understand what you both want is vital in an MC. On the day (or even before), they’ll talk with the photographer, guests, and the caterer. They’ll need to make quick decisions, follow directions and give instructions too.

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