5 Tips to Be a Fabulous Master of Ceremonies

You’ve been invited to be and accepted the role as the master of ceremonies at an upcoming wedding. Brilliant! The happy couple has seen traits in you that they like, such as being confident, organised and a great communicator. They both like you as a person and want you to be a part of their big day. All you need to do is perform your duties as the master of ceremonies and you’ll be fine.

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But what are those duties and what happens now that your self-confidence in your ability to perform this role has gone? We share our top five tips on how to be a great MC to help you out!

Wedding master of ceremonies

Top 5 Tips for Performing Your Master of Ceremonies Role

What makes a great MC? If you’ve been to an event before, you’ll know that a successful MC has everything under control. They know who’s doing what and when, where they’re supposed to be and the order of events. Here are five tips to help you achieve all of those things:

  1. Learn what your duties are. If you’re not sure, do some reading online or simply ask the couple what they would like you to do. Generally speaking, you can expect to introduce the newly married couple when they arrive at the reception, gather guests for photos, announce the first dance, help guests find their seats and introduce activities such as cake cutting and bouquet throwing.
  2. Check out what others have done. YouTube is a great place to watch videos of real MCs doing their work at a wedding.

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  3. Practise beforehand. Knowing exactly what you have to say and practising it a lot beforehand can help calm nerves and prevent mistakes.
  4. Visit the reception location. A quick visit in the weeks leading up to the wedding to the reception venue will help you understand where things will happen. It will also familiarise yourself with the venue layout, helpful for when people keep asking you for directions.
  5. Remember that you’re not the entertainment, nor are you the main attraction. It’s okay to be brief, direct people’s attention to the wedding party and not tell corny jokes!

We’ve also written a great article, How to Be an Amazing Wedding MC: Beginners Guide to MC Duties. Check it out for more awesome ideas!

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