The Ultimate List of Naughty Bachelorette Party Games

Let’s talk bachelorette parties! And the best naughty games that will add some spice to your event and make for a memorable night.

We aren’t talking Pictionary and Scrabble ( although these can be made “naughty” too with a bit of imagination.) We mean the games where “what happens at the bachelorette party stays at the bachelorette party” will be said.

Here you’ll find a list of the best bachelorette party games. From printable games, you can print on a home printer last minute, digital games, to high-quality games with a list of questions you can utilize for drinking games, all the way through to inflatable penis ring toss. There’s something for everyone.Let’s look at the most popular bachelorette party games. Those that will get you out of your comfort zone and have you doubled over laughing at your hen’s night.

I Do or Dare – Bachelorette Truth or Dare

Introducing “I Do or Dare,” the ultimate bachelorette party game guaranteed to spice up your celebration. This digital, print-at-home game features 53 risqué truths and 53 daring challenges, creating an unforgettable whirlwind of laughter and bonding among the bride-to-be and her closest friends.

With easy setup and endless entertainment, it’s the perfect addition to your bachelorette party or bridal shower.

Bachelorette Dirty Charades

Unleash waves of laughter at your bachelorette bash with “Dirty Bachelorette Charades!” Dive into 98 distinctive cards, blending both cheeky and traditional charade prompts for a memorable mix of giggles and gasps.

Dirty Minds

Prepare to giggle, blush, and laugh with Bachelorette Dirty Minds. This cheeky riddle game is the perfect icebreaker for bachelorette parties, girls’ nights, or any event that calls for a sprinkle of sass and a dollop of wit.

Bachelorettes against decency

This is a bridal party take on the cards against humanity game. The bachelorette’s version is the perfect question-and-answer game to get your party guests coming up with the funniest and raunchiest answers.

This game follows the same rules as cards against humanity. Each player gets dealt 10 cards. The card Czar reads out the question card and then each player must place their answer card face down on the table. The card czar then re-reads the question card followed by the answer cards. It’s the card that completes the sentence with the most laughs that is the winner of that round.

Buy Bachelorettes against decency

Bridin’ dirty

Birdin’ Dirty is the ultimate bachelorette party box game for a fun-filled night. This box set includes 50 talk cards, 50 drink cards, and 50 dare cards to ensure a varied night of good laughs—the game with something for everyone. Starting with the cards is a great way to get your guests talking and interacting. An ice-breaker if you will.

If your guests are already good friends or if you want to jump right into the evening, starting with a few and the drink cards will be sure to get the evening off on the right foot. Once everyone is comfortable and a little tipsy, bring out the dare cards for endless giggles and maybe even a few new dance moves.

Bachelorette Taboo

“Bachelorette Taboo” is a digital, printable card game designed to add a splash of laughter, quick thinking, and a touch of risqué humor to bachelorette parties, hen parties, and bridal showers.

The game set includes 79 unique cards featuring a mix of bachelorette, bridal, and wedding-related terms, all formatted on easy-to-print A4 sheets in PDF format or a digital format.

Whether you’re looking to elevate a girls’ night out or kick off a bachelorette weekend, this game promises to be the life of your soirée, offering a hilarious and entertaining alternative to traditional bridal games.

Bra pong

Bra pong is the bachelorette party’s take on beer pong and is a fun way to get your guests a few drinks deep while showing their competitiveness. This game needs a little pre-setting up, but it will be well worth it. Take a large display board (it can just be cardboard) and attach 4-8 bras. Write “Bra Pong” at the top of the board.

Attach the bras, using either pins, tape, or staples to the board. Be sure the cup of the bra is sitting far enough away from the board to allow the ball to fit inside. Assign each bra with a points number so guests can keep track of their points. Once the board is complete, set it up and then choose a throw line your guests must throw from.

This line should be set 5-8 feet from the board. Using a ping-pong ball your guests try to bounce the ball into the bra cup, and whoever ends up with the highest points gets a prize. You could use a range of bra sizes, with bigger cups worth fewer points and smaller worth more.

Name that sex toy

This game is best organized by the maid of honor. As a gift to the bride, ask the other guests to all bring a new sex toy for the bride as a gift but also as part of the game. In this game, the bride has to guess the sex toy only using her sense of touch.

The toys should be placed in a box or bag and the bride blindfolded so she can not see them. The bride must guess what each toy is by reaching into the bag and feeling the different items. It could be a good laugh to trick the bride by putting a few no toy-related items in the bag also. The guests must only give hints and can not help the bride with her guesses.

‘Never Have I Ever’ – Bachelorette Edition

Introducing “Never Have I Ever – Bachelorette Edition!” Elevate the entertainment at your bachelorette bash with our printable game set that promises unforgettable laughter and camaraderie.

Never have I ever – bachelorette addition, is a game that will have your entire party getting to know each other better in no time. There is a mix of funny and naughty pre-made questions. There will be stories shared that you may have never known about your closest friends. This classic game is a great way to get your guests a little closer.

Printable c**k or not

This printable c**k or not game will have your guests guessing between pictures of everyday items and the real deal. The pixilated images will have your guests chatting and comparing. A great little ice-breaker game for a mixed group of friends who maybe don’t know each other well.

These printable cards can be handed out individually and used as a game or you may choose to print one large version as part of your bachelorette party decorations. A fantastic way to get your guests conversing over some cocktails and hopefully a few laughs.

Buy Printable c**k or not

Pin the junk on the hunk

What better way to build fun memories with your closest girlfriends than with this great icebreaker game, Pin the junk on the hunk? This game is the perfect way to get your girls to show a bit of competitiveness. A simple game that’s guaranteed to have everyone laughing.

Find a space on a wall to display your hunk poster and give each guest a “junk” sticker. Blindfold your guests one by one and have them place the sticker on the target. The different junk stickers will have your girlfriends in stitches.

Buy Pin the Junk on the Hunk

Penis ring toss

Everyone enjoys a game of ring toss but this bachelorette version will have your guests giggling in no time. The perfect little game to get the evening started. This game could be played multiple times over the night to see whose aim gets better when they’re a few drinks deep. There are a couple of different versions of the penis ring toss game.

A wearable, inflatable penis with an adjustable strap worn around the waist. This will make for many laughs before the game is even started. Inflatable hoops are included and guests toss the hoops at the penis to see how good their aim is. You could choose to add points to the hoops and make this game a little more competitive. The winner could get a prize at the end of the game.

The other version includes a silicon or plastic peaker with an adjustable strap. This can be strapped to the head or any other body part that may be entertaining. The distance they must throw should be set to make the game fair. Plastic toss rings can be shared equally between two players simultaneously. The player who gets the most rings on the penis wins.

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Carve a cucumber into a penis.

The game aims to make the best-looking penis out of a cucumber using only a peeler and knife. This hilarious game starts with the bride leaving the room for a set time. (15 minutes is a good start) and returning to judge the best-carved cucumber penis.

While the bride is gone all guests must peel and carve what they believe to be the best-looking penis.

The bride must not know which penis was calved by whom. However they must crown the winner solely on which one she deems to be the best. This awesome game will lead to many laughs and possible mishaps. Probably best played as an ice-breaker game before too many drinks have been consumed.

Bachelorette scavenger hunt

This digital download game will highly entertain you and your girls when out on the town for your bachelorette party. These editable pdf templates can be revised to suit your style.

You can either print them on high-quality cards using an online print shop or sent them as a picture message to your guests so they can access them on their mobile devices. As these printable game cards are a template that you edit, your ideas can be as outrageous or as tame as you decide.

From finding a guy in town with the same name as the groom to getting a lap dance from a stranger, the possibilities are endless.

Buy Bachelorette Scavenger hunt

Would she rather – dirty little secrets

“Would she rather” is another one of the great printable bachelorette party games to consider playing at your hen’s night. A test to see how well the guests really know the bride. This instant download is a great last-minute option for your party.

A great way to learn a bit more about the bride, have some giggles and learn a few dirty little secrets

Buy Would She Rather

Drink if

A drinking game divided into rounds. Where guests take a drink if one of the following statements is true to them. The perfect game to get the drinks flowing before hitting the town. With a mixture of scenarios, you’re unlikely to get out of this game without having to have a drink.

Another of the many digital items that can be downloaded and printed at short notice. By purchasing an editable “Drink if” card you can customize the “if’s” to your liking. This game could have your friends revealing secrets you never knew!

Buy Drink If

Weenie in a bottle

Weenie in a bottle is a hilarious game sure to get lots of giggles. Each guest will need a hotdog sausage, a piece of string long enough to tie around their waist, and a bottle or toilet paper roll.

Although this game may seem straightforward, it is more difficult than it looks and that’s where the fun comes in. With their hotdog attached to the string and tied around their waist, each guest must try to get their hotdog into the bottle without using their hands.

The guest who completes the task first is a winner. You could set a time limit for this game to make it a little harder or you could give each guest 2-3 hotdogs to increase the difficulty.

Kiss my …… – bachelorette addition

Kiss my … bachelorette addition is an outrageous bachelorette party game. It involves a large poster of a naked cartoon man, a blindfold, and some lipstick. Think of pinning the tail on the donkey, but the donkey is the hunk and the tail is your lips aiming for the hunks pecker.

The bride (and if you feel inclined her guests) layer up the lipstick and put on the blindfold and take turns kissing the hunk on the poster. The first person to peck the pecker wins.

Buy Kiss my …… – bachelorette addition

Naughty Jenga

This one has been done in a naughty couple’s version but it is a great idea for a naughty bachelorette party game. Take a generic game of Jenga and write on or print out challenges for your guests to complete.

Everything from having a shot to kissing the person next to you, showing us your best dance moves, or having a “best butt” contest.

The options are endless and you have control to make whatever challenges you see fit depending on the personalities of your guests attending.

Whose panties are these

On the bachelorette party invite, request your guests bring a new pair of panties for the bride that they feel best represents them. To play this game, all the panties are hung up or presented for the future bride to judge.

She aims to match the panties with the guests based on their color, style, and other identifying features. Who’s most likely to be bringing a thong? And who loves the excellent cut of a pair of boyshorts? How well does the bride know you based on your panties?

Bachelorette bingo

This editable bachelorette bingo game is sure to get the drinks flowing. With blank template boxes, you’re free to add in as many interesting, funny, or naughty things that may pertain to your guests.

Every time an item in the box pertains to you, you must have a drink and cross it off. The first guest to get 5 across, down, or diagonally wins.

Buy Bachelorette Bingo

Have a drink if……

This printable bachelorette drinking game includes a stack of 36 penis cards that can be played throughout the evening. Each time a card is drawn from the pile the guests to whom the card applies have to have a drink.

An ice-breaker game that can help your guests get to know each other a little better and get everyone in the mood for a long night of shenanigans. Spread the cards out over the evening to keep the drinks flowing.

Buy Have a Drink If

Never have I ever

Never have I ever – bachelorette addition, is a game that will have your entire party getting to know each other better in no time.

With a mix of funny and naughty pre-made questions, there will be stories shared that you may have never known about your closest friends. This classic game is a great way to get your guests a little closer with no one escaping having to have a drink.

Buy Never have I ever

Bachelorette Scattergories

Scattergories is a fun game that always gets some creative answers and this x-rated version is sure to have you all in stitches.

Each player is given a piece of paper with a list of categories and blank spaces to write their answers. A letter is chosen, usually by rolling an alphabet dice and the players must answer each category with words that start with the chosen letter. At the end of each round the players read their answers aloud and the players with unique answers score a point, those who have the same answer as others do not score a point.

This printable option is editable so if you find the categories a little more risque than your liking or maybe not risque enough, you can easily add your own instead.

Buy Bachelorette Scattergories

DIY lingerie

The DIY lingerie game is a fun way to get your guests to show their creative sides. Using a few rolls of toilet paper, a coat hanger, and some tape, split your guests into two groups or groups of 2. The guests have 20 minutes to design and make the bride their sexiest lingerie.

Once the time is up the future bride must choose which creation she deems to be the sexiest. The bride must try on the winning team’s creation and be sure to take photos for future laughs.

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