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7 RSVP Reminder Messages For Guests

We’ve got 7 friendly RSVP reminder messages you can use to chase your guests in ways that won’t ruffle anyone’s feathers.

A lot of decisions in wedding planning are made once you have a clear idea of how many guests will be coming. That’s why it’s so important to remind guests to RSVP!

Ask any bride how her wedding planning process is going with a few weeks to go. You’re guaranteed to hear something about guests, and RSVPing – or the lack thereof! Rounding up RSVPs from guests is a rite of passage for frustrated couples (unfortunately!). RSVP is a French term that’s short for Répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning, respond please!

RSVP card

Répondez s’il vous plaît! Why aren’t my guests RSVPing?!

When your guests haven’t RSVPd, it could be for any number of reasons:

  • You didn’t give clear, specific instructions on how to RSVP or clearly state the RSVP date.
  • Your guest(s) have to say no and are procrastinating (because giving people bad news is never easy)
  • The RSVP date is too far out, and your guests can’t commit to the wedding date just yet.
  • Maybe they didn’t receive the card!
  • They have replied but you didn’t see their response.

There’s not a lot you can do about these reasons… unless you haven’t sent your wedding invitations yet! If that’s the case, read this post for advice on setting your RSVP date.

7 RSVP reminder messages

Here are 7 helpful ways to politely chase those guests that are late to respond. You can send reminder emails to send a friendly reminder, a text message, or even give the guest a phone call.

  • Send an email reminder or mail a reminder card with a simple but clear message. “We are so looking forward to our upcoming wedding on [ insert date ] and can’t wait to share this day with all our family and friends. We just wanted to remind you of the option to RSVP online as well as through the RSVP card in the wedding invitation. Hope to see you soon! Love, The Nearlyweds“
  • Online RSVPs are the easiest way to get numbers, but even then some people need a little reminder. “Hey! We are so excited about our upcoming wedding day! If you could please let us know by the RSVP due date if you are able to attend that would be great! You can RSVP easily online on our wedding website [insert link]. Hope to see you soon! Love [Bride and groom name]
  • Or, if you’re really crunched for time, you can make it a little more final. “Hey everyone, I really need to get numbers from our wedding guests ASAP to keep the caterers happy! If we haven’t heard from you by Monday, I’ll have to assume you can’t make it. Looking forward to catching up at a later date. Love, The Nearlyweds”
  • If you’re keeping friends and family up to date with wedding planning over a social media post, you can use that platform to write a little reminder post alongside your planning “Just getting the numbers sorted for the caterers! If you’ve not RSVPd yet, please do so now through the wedding website [insert link]
  • Did your RSVP card include a meal preferences card for your wedding? Use this as a way to ask guests to respond. “Hey! I just wanted to see if you are coming to our special day. If so, please also let me know if your meal selection is chicken, fish, or vegetarian. Thank you! Love, the Nearlyweds“
  • Missing RSVPs – if you’re not sure if they received the invite. Hey, we just wanted to check if you received the invitation to our wedding and RSVP form? It turns out some invitations didn’t make it! If you could please let us know if you can come as soon as possible, and if there are any dietary restrictions. Hope to see you at the wedding! Love the Nearlyweds.
  • Late RSVPs that need an immediate response – If the RSVP deadline passes, don’t be afraid to politely ask the guest directly if they are coming, either through an email or over the phone. Giving them a short window of time to respond with an answer is well within your rights as they are already late and you’ve got a wedding to organize!Hey [guest], we are just reaching out to see if you are able to make it to our wedding. Our caterer needs to know the final numbers so please let us know by Friday. Love, the Nearlyweds.
RSVP date

Why are RSVPs so important?

A lot of decisions in wedding planning are made once you have a clear idea of how many guests will be coming. The venue size, the catering, the amount of alcohol, and of course the seating chart are just a few examples of where the numbers on the guest list and the final headcount matter.

It’s therefore important to make the RSVP date clear in your wedding invitations so guests can see the deadline date that they should reply by. However, sometimes guests just don’t get back to you when they’re supposed to!

Setting your RSVP date at the right time before your wedding date is therefore very important! If you haven’t set your date yet, read about ‘When The RSVP date should be for a wedding.’

Keep it light

As tempting as it is to spitefully leave them off the seating plan and pointedly mention they didn’t actually say they were coming…. don’t do that. Remember they genuinely may have RSVPd – and the response card is lost in the mail (bad) or lost in your house (worse!). Keeping this in mind should help with any bitter resentment seeping out.

The important thing is that you get the answers you need without any bad feelings marring the wedding planning. Instead, choose one of the above polite but firm reminders for your guests who are late to respond.

Any other RSVP tips? Please share below!

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