Getting Married When You Are Pregnant – Good Idea or Not?

Is it celebrations all around at your place? You’re engaged and it looks like you’ll now be getting married when you are pregnant too! Pretty exciting times!

Until you start receiving unsolicited advice from friends, family members and even your hair dresser. Even if it’s coming from a place of genuine love and care, add everyone’s opinions into your own anxieties about everything happening can lead many couples to ask: should we postpone the wedding till after baby arrives – or go ahead and do it anyway?

If you’ve read our article, ‘Just Pregnant and Planning a Wedding?’ you’d have found out all about planning a wedding while expecting and how to handle a wedding and a newborn together. But if your due date is after your wedding, there are specific things you’ll need to consider and deal with.

Should You Get Married When You Are Pregnant or Not?

Being a pregnant bride has its challenges, but they’re not impossible to overcome. You’ll need to consider things such as:

  • How you will deal with comments from friends and family?
  • What you’re going to wear?
  • Is the food at your reception pregnancy safe?
  • How you will cope with any morning sickness?
  • Will my health and baby’s health be safe?
  • The due date – is baby likely to come early?

Then it comes down to doing some deep thinking: Are you getting married because you love each other? Were you engaged and your wedding already planned before you got pregnant?  Or are you doing it because you want the baby to have married parents? Perhaps you are being told you need to for religious reasons?

Getting married is a lifetime commitment. We enter it wanting to spend our lives together. Yes, things happen and people divorce, but that’s not the aim of a wedding. For that reason, simply being pregnant is not reason enough to get married. Even if that means an awkward conversation with judgy grandmas. Short term pain for long term gain – you need to be happy, not doing something to keep other people happy.

Dealing with Unsolicited Advice When Getting Married Pregnant

Have you ever noticed how weddings seem to be a free for all when it comes to people’s opinions? Pregnancy is the same. But when you put a pregnant bride into the equation, things heat up even more. Some people are going to think you are hosting a shotgun wedding (who cares if you are…hopefully you don’t have to invite them!!). Others will support you. Then you’ll get those do-gooders wanting to convince you to wait and get married when the baby is older.

You are quite within your rights to ignore their advice and even tell them to stop giving it. The problem is that they often think their opinions are right and yours aren’t! The best thing to do is comment with phrases such as, “Thanks, but we are doing it our way,” or “I appreciate your advice, but this is what we have decided to do.”

It is your wedding and your choice. Good on you if you are getting married when you are pregnant! It will certainly mean you don’t have to worry about menu plans and guest lists once the baby comes. For more advice on planning a wedding when pregnant, don’t forget to check out our Just Pregnant and Planning a Wedding Article.


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