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When I go to a wedding, I’m there to have a good time. I don’t want worries about something relatively fixable to keep me away from celebrating with a Sav Blanc or two. Because of this, I’m one of those overpackers. My clutch is stuffed full of eyelash glue, a needle & thread, spare batteries and tampons.

The times that this over-packing have come in handy have been few – but boy they’ve been valuable. For example, here’s a wee “getting ready” pic you might not want for your wedding day! My sister-in-law Nikki’s wedding dress decided to malfunction (the plastic snap snapped). I was able to sew the embellished bits together so they stayed put. Thank goodness for a simple needle & thread huh.

I also laugh at the bracelet I’m wearing in this photo. I tried to wear it for my own wedding day, but as soon as I got it on, the clasp broke. I wasted way too much time trying to fix it before eventually giving up. If I’d had some round nose pliers it would’ve been sorted within seconds, but running late for your wedding + acrylic nails + jump rings on bracelets just don’t add up.

These examples are why I highly recommend compiling a wedding day emergency kit – you can’t plan for everything. I tell you this not to scare you, but to illustrate that all the best planning in the world can’t help the little emergencies that will crop up.  Creating an emergency kit doesn’t have to fall to the bride – this is a great idea for the bridesmaids or Mother of the Bride to compile, and is often gifted to the bride at her hen’s night.

Bride Survival Kit here

DIY Instructions for a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Below I’ve listed some things that you should could add to a wedding survival kit, and I’ve also got a free printable list to help with your shopping. Download your free printable DIY Emergency Kit list by clicking here & filling out your details.

First you’ll need something to cart it round in. Decide whether you’ll have one large communal kit (i.e. one for the bridesmaids to cart round, and one for the groomsmen), or if you’ll do small and compact individual ones.

You can use baskets for a communal one, purchase individual toiletry bags or opt for clutches. You can even reuse and decorate boxes – this isn’t something that needs to be super pretty, just practical.

I personally loooove the idea of using the “Best Day Ever” tote for your DIY emergency kit. It’s a great size for all the bits and pieces, and can be used beyond your wedding day.

If you’ll put together mini-kits for your bridesmaids to tote around, how about doubling up and making it part of their bridesmaid gift? These absolutely beautiful bridesmaid clutches are handmade in a soft gold lace – but my favourite bit is that they’re personalised with a embroidered label for each bridesmaid. Love!

You can select from a heap of different colours for the satin lining too.

Next, what are you going to include?

Things to include in a wedding day emergency kit

The above shopping list is, of course, no means exhaustive, and a survival kit this extensive might be overkill for some weddings! However it is a good starting point for thinking about what bits and pieces you need to include. Remember to download your own free DIY Emergency Kit shopping list by clicking here & filling out your details.

If you want to go an extra step, how about setting up an emergency kit for the bathrooms? Megan at She Said Yes has a really detailed article on what you can include and what was used (and wasn’t!) at her wedding.

list of things to put into a wedding day emergency kit

Are there any bits and pieces you’d add to this list? Have you had any issues in the weddings you’ve been in, and have something to add? Please let me know in the comments!

17 thoughts on “DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kit

  1. There’s two things I would suggest to add to this list.
    1) Wet wipes – especially if you have children in your wedding party (Personal experience)
    2) white chalk – takes the stains from the bottom of the bride’s dress
    Also even if you don’t take needle and thread, a bunch of safety pins is invaluable.

    1. Hi hun, I have been meaning to reply for ages – finally got round to adding a suggestion to the article that you can make one for the bathrooms, and I’ve linked to your article as it’s such a detailed resource 🙂

      Thank you!

  2. Great list! I’m an overpacker/planner and I’ve never had a trip where it hasn’t paid off in some way 🙂

    1. I know right?! There is nothing worse than being on holiday and realising you are missing something (tweezers, nail clippers and hair ties mostly for me).

      I went to a wedding on the weekend and ended up using my eyelash glue twice so I’m glad I’m prepared (but clearly need to splash out on some stronger glue)

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