Dealing with Drunk Wedding Guests

Everybody loves a great wedding, but no one loves drunk wedding guests. Yet many brides and grooms feel uncomfortable asking guests who have consumed too much to leave. Is it their right or should you just let them party the night away in raucous style?

Tips on Handling Drunk Wedding Guests

Chances are you will have a bar or a supply of alcohol at your wedding. Or you may have asked guests to bring their own. Alcohol is used to help people celebrate special occasions and your wedding is one of those! However, when people drink too much, they lose their personal inhibitions and their behaviour is no longer acceptable. This is especially unwelcome on your wedding day, but many newlyweds are at a loss as what to do about it.

Here are some ideas on how to deal with drunk wedding guests easily:

  • If you know someone has a problem with alcohol in social situations, it may be easier to not invite them to your reception.
  • Tell the bartender or person in charge of the drinks, not to serve them any more alcoholic beverages. If you have a duty manager, they will take care of this as part of their responsibilities.
  • Organise a person in advance to deal with any drunk guests. This could be a member of the catering team, a security guard, venue manager or a family member.
  • Set up a buddy system with guests who are known to indulge. Ask the buddy to monitor their intake and stop them when they have had enough.
  • Organise the bar staff beforehand. Explain that people wanting shots for drinking games will not be served. Limit the number of drinks which can be served each hour.
  • You can also reduce the length of time there is an open bar. It is okay to ask bartenders to water down drinks to reduce the alcohol consumed too.

Reducing Chaos Caused by Drunken Wedding Guests

One of the last things you want your wedding remembered for is the unruly guests. You also don’t want to be personally dealing with them either. That’s where having a plan in place to prevent and manage drunk guests comes in handy.

Meet with the team who are organising your wedding reception. Tell them about any guests you are concerned about and how you’d like them dealt with. This may involve the limiting of drinks, the removal of intoxicated guests, as well as a friendly phone call beforehand explaining what is expected to problem drinkers. A large part of having alcohol at your wedding is providing enough food to go along with it. As a responsible host, whenever alcohol is served, food is needed also.

We suggest you also take a read of our article about the responsibilities and etiquette expected by wedding guests for some more helpful advice. But remember, it is your wedding and what you say goes!

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